Feb 24th [COMPLETED] Scheduled Emergency Maintenance

Event Type: Network UpgradeStart Time: 2-25-2016 - 03:00 AM ESTEnd Time: 2-25-2016 - 04:00 AM ESTAffected Servers: CP1 CP2 CP3 CP5Client Affecting: Possible Event Summary: The software upgrade performed last night by our technicians was incomplete and another reload is required. During the upgrade some customers may experience brief periods of ... Read More »

Feb 22nd Scheduled Maintenance for February 24, 2016

Event Type: Network UpgradeStart Time: 02-24-2016 - 04:00AM ESTEnd Time: 02-24-2016 - 05:00AM ESTAffected Servers: CP1 CP2 CP3 CP5Client Affecting: Possible Event Summary: The software on the device will be upgraded and a reload is required. The upgrade will repair software defects that affect some specific client scenarios. During the upgrade ... Read More »

Dec 24th New Control Panel

Over the next week or two, we will be upgrading our web based control panels to CentovaCast (those not using CentovaCast). One item of note: The new panel will lock you out for 10 minutes if you have 5 failed attempts within 5 minutes. This lock out will not affect your streaming. Another item of note is that CentovaCast will not allow multiple ... Read More »

Apr 25th [RESOLVED] WDC Latency

Our Network Operations Center was alerted that several Level3 links in the WDC market reported down. Level3 has been engaged and are working on the issue. Some customers may experience higher than expected latency and/or minor packet loss as a result. Network Engineers are working on shifting traffic to mitigate the issue. We will update you ... Read More »

Apr 20th AutoDJ Upgrade (CentovaCast3.0.1)

We're happy to announce that we have upgraded our AUTODJ servers to Centova Cast 3.0.1. Centova Cast is the world's most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel. Easy web-based stream configuration AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler Drag-and-drop AJAX media library Comprehensive statistics and royalty ... Read More »

Jun 28th [RESOLVED] Dallas Connectivity Issues

We've received notification that some of our Dallas customers were experencing packet loss and increased latency due to our datacenter in Dallas, TX having routing issues with thier BGP Network. Initial investigation shows it be related to a large number of BGP updates causing 100% CPU, thereby causing routing issues, including packet loss, ... Read More »

Jun 2nd [RESOLVED] DDoS Attack on Servers

Engineers at our datacenter in Washington, DC are actively working on mitigating the issues customers are experiencing. At this time, the Denial of Service attack targeting customers on some of our servers has been mitigated; however, due to the high packet count along with the number of interfaces that reset during the event, the router is ... Read More »

May 2nd [RESOLVED] Connectivity Issues at Washington DC Datacenter

[RESOLVED] We have received a large DoS attack towards our datacenter in Washington, DC, that caused increased latency and packetloss for some customers on our CP1, CP2, STREAM1 STREAM2 servers beginning at 8:40AM CDT (13h40 UTC) 2011-MAY-02. The victim IPs were null routed and the issue mitigated by 8:57AM CDT (13h57 UTC) 2011-MAY-02 and all ... Read More »

Dec 5th [RESOLVED] Latency Issues in Washington, DC

Our Washington, DC datacenter has reported a network issue where there is latency in connecting to our servers at the facility. During this period you may or may not be able to connect to a server. This announcement will be updated as more information is gathered.   [RESOLVED] The issue was diagnosed and service was restored within 7 ... Read More »

Nov 27th [BUG ALERT] New SHOUTcast DSP Plugin for Winamp

For those of you that use WINAMP, there is a new DSP available (Version 2.0) however please DO NOT use it as there is a bug where it cannot connect to a DNAS v1 server even when using the legacy mode setting in the plug-in (our servers are v1.x). This will be fixed in v2.0.1.  Your current DSP (1.9.x) should continue to work just fine.For ... Read More »

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